Lifestyle Interactive Media Corporation (“Lifestyle”), a California, USA Corporation was formed in August 2011 for the purposes of Digital Mobile Application development. The Company has been acquiring one-of-a-kind intellectual properties and senior-programmer partners in its quest to become a digital powerhouse in the field of lifestyle interactive media mobile applications. In the Summer of 2018 the Company plans to launch its first two exciting mobile apps worldwide.

The Company’s president is Richard Housman, former CEO of an international publishing company and former director of several companies. The Company’s legal advisor and partner is Charles J. Ingber, a prominent business attorney in the San Diego area. John Woodsmall, a highly experienced digital technical partner has been appointed to head IT development and the London Office for the Company.

When Lifestyle has finished its software acquisitions, it expects to have an internal net worth of more than $3 million. Currently, the Company has acquired the skills of senior-programmer partners, plus other highly proficient persons in the field of mobile digital media to achieve its objectives.